Coming to Central Ohio!

Next year, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the posting of the 95 theses by Martin Luther and the beginning of modern-day Protestant churches, St. John's Lutheran Church Marysville, Ohio will host a series of events, culminating in a Reformation Renaissance Festival. The event will be held in Union County, Ohio on three consecutive weekends September 23rd through October 8th, 2017.

The event will attract visitors from the Ohio Valley region as well as the faithful from across the country and globe. First, in the line-up to publicize the event is the development and distribution of a 14-month Reformation calendar. The calendar will have pictures of the various Luther and Reformation sites and notations of special dates beginning November 1, 2016 through December 31, 2017; it will be sold for the cost of publication beginning August 2016. Churches throughout Ohio region are being asked to help with calendar sales to promote the event.  Secondly, an Ohio Christian Youth Choir will be formed. Parochial Schools throughout Ohio are being invited to learn a variety of Reformation-era or inspired music. Each weekend, schools (divided regionally) will travel to Union County, perform during the festival and join in a combined group for worship on Sunday morning.

Culminating, will be the Reformation Renaissance Festival. A 16th century village will be constructed at Past Time Park in Plain City, Ohio. Food vendors will offer typical European faire throughout the grounds. Period artisans and crafters will offer their wares for sale. Participants in 'the village' will be dressed in 16th century costumes. Jousting contests, jugglers, minstrels and troubadours will entertain guests each day. Performances of 'Eisleben's Rebel' an original work, will be presented several times each day during the festival. These, as well as other events, will be offered to attendees to share the story of Martin Luther, the birth of the Protestant faith and how history was changed through the events of the Reformation, all through the power of Jesus Christ.

Plans are well underway but help is needed both physically and monetarily. This series of events will require a large number of people to fill the multitude of positions. Area churches, residents and members of Central Ohio congregations are invited and asked to participate in this celebratory event. Numerous teams have been identified to execute these plans. Volunteers are needed in the areas of research, social media, grant writing, graphic arts/publicity, sourcing artisans, script writing, set design, construction, painting, fabric acquisition, seamstress, audio/video, communications, lighting/sound, youth coordination, insurance, logistics, and security.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact either Pastor Jack Heino at St. John’s Lutheran Church, or Kim Zacharias at

In His service,

Kim Zacharias

Faire 2017